The Divine Narrative
One Clause at a Time

Presenting the Old and New Testaments in a Whole New Light

Meaning and Structure Unite

Welcome to a new way of reading and studying God's Word --- a way that guides you to a deeper understanding of the Bible's eternal message of hope.

A Theme Rheme Bible organizes each Old and New Testament book into a series of clauses, making the Bible easier to read. It also identifies the context of meaning for each clause, helping you to better identify and comprehend the intent of each book's inspired author.

Experience the Old and New Testaments in a whole new light as you uncover the hidden gems of God's Word.


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3 Formats
On the Way
The King James Version will be offered in three formats:

Now Available: Online Reading

Future Plans: Print Publication

Future Plans: EPUB Format

Please check back for more information about the publication dates for our print and EPUB editions.

Discover a New Way to Read and Study God's Word

Whether you're a seasoned theologian or a curious beginner,
a Theme Rheme Bible is designed for all levels of understanding.